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QR Code Chimp is a robust online QR Code Maker that helps businesses and brands leverage the power of QR Codes’ versatility in marketing, promotion, and communicating brand messages quickly. QR Codes are cost-effective marketing ideas that require nil investment but give 100% ROI. More and more brands are using QR Codes to engage and retain customers by embedding the best marketing content. It is also a powerful tool that bridges offline business and online marketing world – from print to digital in a few seconds.

In a Nutshell, QR Codes

  • Have an endless lifetime
  • High-resolution vector formats
  • Multi-faceted ( embed any type of content)
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Free static QR code generator online
  • Unlimited scan opportunities
  • Two Dimensional
    (top to bottom, left to right scanning)
  • Highly productive and brand-oriented
  • Aesthetic, appealing, and modern
  • Customizable with logos and graphics

What Can You Do
with Our Online QR Code Maker?

  • Create, edit, and generate as many codes using QR code chimp
  • Share your brand and business message in a limited space
  • Develop an affordable digital marketing strategy
  • Use it as a
  • Promote your website and social media sites on your brochures and pamphlets
  • Track your sales and other operations by powering NeuroTags
  • Boost your SEO and
    SMO campaigns
  • Help clients directly purchase
    from you
  • Connect your walk-in customers to your online world
  • Share business location, contact details, and product information to clients
  • Measure your
    inbound marketing
  • Push mobile application

Your Customers Are Waiting for You All the Time – Types of QR Codes to Engage Them

Provide consumers with more content and engagement options by creating compelling QR codes online. Customers will love your content because QR Codes make lives easier. No more scrolling through Facebook feeds or writing down URLs and contact details, and no need to carry a portfolio all the time. A quick scan from a smartphone camera is all they need to find you.

With our online and free QR Code generator, you can customize the video, meeting, PDF, text, email, landing page, vCard plus, Google maps, Facebook, WhatsApp, social media, event, coupon, image gallery, app download, YouTube, and business QR Codes.

Create Exciting Shaped QR Codes

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Round Circle Shaped QR Code

Rounded QR Code

Heart Shaped QR Code

Heart Shaped QR Code

Hex Shaped QR Code

Hex Shaped QR Code

Coffee Shaped QR Code

Coffee Shaped QR Code

Chat Shaped QR Code

Chat Shaped QR Code

Birthday Cake Shaped QR Code

Cake Shaped QR Code

Gift Shaped QR Code

Gift Shaped QR Code

Star Shaped QR Code

Star Shaped QR Code

Best Practices Using Online QR Code Generator

You can administer QR Codes in marketing in several ways, including but not limited to the following:

QR Codes for Business Cards

Discover a brand new way to engage your customers through your business cards. Use our free QR Code generator and share business information - right from your product catalogs and solutions to work samples and more by adding a QR code to your business card.

QR Code for Flyers & Pamphlets

Flyers help you promote exciting offers or launch a new product or brand. With a QR Code on your pamphlet or flyer, you will inevitably boost its effectiveness by simply embedding video that demonstrates the product or service use.

QR Codes on Labels

Product and clothing brands can effectively network with customers and amplify the experience with the brand by adding a QR Code on the label and tag. For instance, a curry & sauce brand can share different recipes through a QR Code.

Generate QR Codes for Websites

You can save your visitors’ effort in remembering you by adding a QR Code on your website. Right from promoting your new app to locating your brick and mortar store to even redirecting your visitors to social media profiles, use free QR Code generator for websites.

QR Codes on Vehicles

Utilize your brand’s vehicle to amplify sales, as it poses as a free, running advertisement of your products or services. For instance, if your vehicle travels from the airport to your office every day, and it takes around 25 minutes and crosses 7 traffic signals, you are getting 25 minutes and 7 traffic signals worth advertisement time to make money.

QR Codes on Windows

Make window shopping worthwhile for your customers, even during your off-hours. Generate QR Code online for your store window and improve experiences of your walk-in or passing by customers by showing them a glimpse of your online world.

QR Codes for Posters, Banners, and Billboards

No matter what your poster, banner, or billboard campaign talks about, a simple QR Code can connect with your audience 10X times. QR Codes create mystery and a sense of anticipation, which you can use to your advantage. Example: Add a QR video of the destinations on the banner for which you have organized a travel expo.

QR Codes on Displays

Introduce your menu to your visitors in a touchless and digital fashion through QR Code Displays. You can also add payment links, subscription options, digital menu, coupons, and other information as you see fit on QR Code Displays.

QR Codes on Product Bottles and Cans

If you use bottles and cans to package your products such as alcoholic beverages, soda, oils, or any other item; you should consider adding colorful customized QR codes on your bottles and cans. By offering authentic and interesting information, QR Codes on bottles and cans can be an ideal way to increase the value of your brand, product, and services, both at the time of purchase and after consumption.

Generate QR Codes for Packaging

Make window shopping worthwhile for your customers, even during your off-hours. Generate QR Code online for your store window and improve experiences of your walk-in or passing by customers by showing them a glimpse of your online world.

Generate QR Codes for Clothing

You can also print QR Codes on your brand t-shirts and other clothing to indirectly promote your brand to others with image galleries and video QR Codes. For instance, show your customers similar outfits through Image QR Code or how it is manufactured or embroidered through Video QR Code. You can also add an eCommerce URL QR Code to redirect customers to your online store.

QR Codes on Books, Newspaper, and Magazine

Take your readers from the print media to a whole new world of more books, more information, and more products. Interact with your readers in real-time and turn pages into a great experience through QR Code generator online for books, newspapers, and magazines.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is QR code maker free?

QR Code maker is free to use for everyone however for increasing limits and more features we also have paid plans - Pricing Plan

Static QR Code maker is free to use for everyone, you may create unlimited static QR codes. The free plan also includes 10 dynamic QR codes, to get extra dynamic QR codes and more features we also have paid plans - Paid Plans.

While Static QR Codes contain fixed information, Dynamic QR Codes have the ability to be edited even after you print them. They use a short URL to send users to the landing page of your desire as well as to measure performance with QR code statistics such as the number of scans, location, device and operating system used.

For more information visit Static vs Dynamic QR Codes.

Technically, a QR code doesn't expire only when you intended to act so. Like static QR codes, they're just a matrix of squares that contain information. But dynamic QR codes can be made to redirect to any new information at instance so they can effectively expire.

QR code chimp's QR codes never expire, they will work forever and you may change the destination pages at any time for dynamic QR Codes without re-printing.

Make sure there is enough contrast between the QR Code and background colors.

You can try adjusting the logo size, QR body scale in your QR code. Try reducing the data in your QR code when possible.

Also, test your QR code when you apply each custom elements such as color, body shape, eye shape, etc to avoid scanning problems.

All you need to do is:
1. Select the QR code type
2. Fill in the input data
3. Customise your QR code, you may read out QR code customising tips to make perfect and scannable QR code
4. Save it
5. Do not forget to test before printing!

No, we don't have a trial period as such, we have a default free plan for everyone who signs up with QR Code Maker, which will be for a lifetime. And later based upon the requirement one can opt for a paid plan.

You have endless possibilities with QR code maker:
1. Create QR codes in unique shapes, Never like before!
2. Make popular and trending dynamic QR codes
3. Monitor QR codes using analytics data
4. Get additional benefits with each paid plan
5. No expiry for any of the QR codes (unless you set the expiry date)
6. Save your time with a bulk QR code generator

It is possible only when your QR code is dynamic in nature. We recommend choosing the dynamic QR code for the safer side when you are going to print it because static ones cannot be edited.

Well, we recommend to be very careful and keep the following things in mind before you actually print your QR code:

1. Very first step is to check that your QR code is saved in your dashboard, in a hurry sometimes you may download it without saving it.
2. Once you save your QR code, test your QR code by scanning it and if it is not scanning, then you must find out why your QR code is not scanning?
3. When you find out that your QR code is working fine, wholla! most of the work is done here and now you have to select the size of the QR code depending upon where it's gonna be printed.
4. So, when you have selected the size, download your QR code now and get it printed on the desired material.