Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does QRCodeChimp offer free trial?

We offer a free forever plan, which you may utilize for personal needs. If you are a small business or agency, you may try our paid plans based on your needs. We have 20 days refund policy on your first purchase, so you may buy without worry.

Static QR Codes encode the final data, which is displayed after a scan, for instance, a wedding invitation information. In the case of static code, the request doesn't go to the server, so it can not be recorded or tracked.

However, Dynamic QR Codes embed the URL to data so that after scanning, the URL opens in the browser, and the user is then shown the actual data on the resulting page or redirected to another URL.

Dynamic QR codes are very powerful; their content can be changed at any time, umpteen number of times without having to change the actual QR Code. This reduces the time, cost, and effort to re-print new QR Codes. You may virtually add an infinite amount of data against the QR Code and in any format, e.g., audio, video, images, AR, VR, and landing pages.

On Dynamic QR Codes, all the scans can be monitored and tracked, giving you a rich set of analytics to measure and improve the performance of your campaign(s). Create Dynamic Codes through our QR Code generator online.

The scannability of the QR Code depends on many factors, such as color, size, shapes, logo size, and the background used.
Make sure the QR code data color is the contrast of the background color. You may have to play around adjusting the shapes and sizes and check if the QR Code is scannable before printing it.

However, some combinations of Body and Eye shapes make the QR Codes get scanned a little faster. A square-shaped Eye-Frame Type helps to scan much faster (point 2 in the image below).

Please see the image below under the SHAPES section on QR Code Studio:

The second most common factor is a large logo size. You may adjust the logo size to ensure there are enough data points exposed in your QR Code. Please check the image below:

Many other factors can affect the scannability of your QR code. Please check here how to fix your scanning problems. After fixing common scanning problems, you may reach out to us if your QR code is still not scanning. 

We recommend you test scan your codes a few times before printing them for production.

The scannability of the QR Code depends on many factors, such as color, size, shapes, and background used. In case when placing a QR code on an image, the image color and the QR elements color should be in contrast to each other. You may have to play around adjusting the shapes and sizes and check if the QR Code is scannable before printing it on the final material.

Depending on your plan, the maximum number of dynamic QR Code creation limit is as mentioned on the pricing page. E.g., if you purchase a Pro plan, you may create up to 300 dynamic codes at any given time your plan is active. If you use a dynamic QR code for a limited period, say 15 days, you may delete it and replace it with a new code, and the count will remain the same.
If you have Pro Plan and create 300 dynamic codes, they will remain active as long as the plan is active, but if you move to a Free plan, then only 10 codes (free plan limit) will remain active other codes will pause.

We always ensure that the user details with us are safe, and we never compromise on the security of the user data.

We are sorry, the deleted QR codes can not be restored.
Currently, we serve only in English language. However, on the landing pages, we support UTF-8 so almost all the languages may be used for creating content.

You will get the number of scans per month as mentioned on the pricing page. If the scan limit exceeds, you may have to upgrade to display your desired page on scanning QR code. Our Ultima plan comes with an unlimited scanning limit; however, 150,000 scans as in PRO are good enough in most cases.

They will be valid forever. If they are dynamic, they will be paused if their scan limit for the month is reached. And if you are a paid user, the dynamic QR codes given in your plan will remain active till you recharge the plan regularly; otherwise, your account will be moved to a free plan, and the dynamic codes other than the last 10 will be paused.

In basic analytics, you get to know the scan counts for your generated dynamic QR codes. In advanced statistics, a detailed report is given for scans such as location data, the device used for a scan, etc. that may be helpful for a marketing campaign. We offer PRO and Ultima plans with advanced analytics. Ultima plan also allows you to download the data in excel.

Yes for PRO and ULTIMA Plans.
We can provide you with this feature in Paid Package if you need it. You will be able to attach multiple Dynamic URLs to a single QR Code design.
We can provide you with this feature in Paid Package if you need it. There is no limit for creating static codes, for dynamic, it depends on your package.

Currently, the domain shown is that of We can add one domain of your choice, but you may have to purchase the ULTIMA package for this. 

After subscribing to the ULTIMA package, please let us know which domain you may want it to point to, and you have to update the CName Record.

Upgrade your plan here -

The white-labelling of the URL is possible, but it is available only for the Ultima package and for one domain of your choice.

After subscribing to the ULTIMA package, you may have to let us know which domain you may want it to point to, and you have to update the CName Record.

Here are the available packages:

Yes, you can. QR Codes get scanned on curved surfaces, but sometimes you may have to adjust the size, shape, and color. Please make sure to test the QR Code before printing on a large scale.

Offline marketing can be tracked with the help of a dynamic QR code. When you use a dynamic QR code on any marketing material, it becomes the online trackable code. As and when anyone scans, we are able to record the scan count, device type, and IP locations, which are then shown on your analytics page. We offer advanced analytics with our PRO and Ultima plan. You can access the analytics data on the analytics link on the dashboard.

Yes, You can make static QR code dynamic by editing the QR code and checking the box below the input field, and clicking on the "save QR code" button. That will make your static QR code a dynamic one.
But please keep in mind that you will have to re-print the new code once, as the dynamic QR code is different than static QR code.
But moving forward you will have flexibility of the dynamic code, where you may change its url at any time without need to re-print ever.

We do not have any duration limit on QR Codes. 

Please note, for dynamic codes, there is a limit on the number of scans that are allowed based on the package you are subscribed to.

However, we do have an Ultima package where there is no upper limit on the number of scans for dynamic codes. Here are the details -

The scan count represents the total scan counts of a QR code when anyone scans it.
Every plan has a scan count limit, and once the limit is reached before the month ends, your display page of QR code will be paused.
You can choose your plan to extend the limits of QR code scans. Our PRO plan comes with 150,000 scans a month and Ultima with unlimited scans a month.

The static codes are unlimited and free forever. As the scan request doesn't reach our server, so there is no limit on the scan; however, you may not get the analytics on those scans.
Your first 10 dynamic codes will remain active, as our free plan is free forever. Total scans allowed may be limited to 1000 scans a month on these.

Static QR codes are free to use, and there is no limit on the numbers. Please feel free to use as many as you want.

Your dynamic codes will pause once you have reached the scan limit. They will switch on again in next month's cycle.
In a free plan, you will get:
- Unlimited Static QR codes
- 10 Dynamic QR codes
- 1000 Scans per month
- Basic QR code statistics

Your QR codes will be active till you have a scan limit. You can have free plan forever with the above limits.

Please feel free to use our design tool for the products that you provide. There are no restrictions from our side. Please note you are responsible for the design that you create using our tool; we do not offer any warranty and are not responsible in any way for the QR code that you create.

QR code scanning may take time or sometimes they don't scan on certain devices, in such cases, you can try:
- Changing the eye shape
- Increase the color contrast of the eye and body compared to the  background color
- Change the body shape of the QR code
- Increase the QR code body scale

Please refer to the question above -> "
Why my QR code doesn't scan?" to see more detailed solutions.
The scan count represents the total scan counts of QR code when anyone scans it.
Every plan has a scan count limit given and once the limit reached before the month ends, your display page of QR code will be paused.
You can choose your plan to extend the limits of QR code scans. Our Ultima package comes with unlimited scanning options, but in most cases, 150000 per month scans in the PRO package are good enough.
Yes, we offer free QR codes for PDF, Excel, Audio and Docx documents. 

If you are hosting the files yourselves then there is no limit to the disk size. Otherwise, there may be restrictions on the file and total disk usage for the free plan.

You can adjust the transparency of background color by going to the "Color" option in the design panel and checking the "Background Color" checkbox and changing the transparency as shown in the picture below:

Yes. With QRCodeChimp, you can create Circle and many other different types of QR codes for free.

Just click on the design palette and choose the QR Shapes tab. There you will see various shapes options, including a Circle QR Code maker.

Click on the image below to open QR Code Generator for various shapes:

Circle QR Code Generator

You may bulk upload QR codes with the existing QR code design by following the below steps:

1. Go to the dashboard and click on 3 dots of the QR code of which you want to copy the design and click on 'Make a Copy'

2. You will see a pop-up to change the QR code name and an option to create bulk upload using this QR design. Check the 'bulk upload' box and click on 'make copy'

After this, you will see the same QR code design is copied in your bulk upload QR code list. 


Visit your QR code dashboard and go to the account section. Follow these steps to remove the branding. 

1. Click on the 'change' button in front of the remove watermark option

For free plan users

2. Click on the 'upgrade button' to upgrade your plan to remove the branding. After upgrading, you will be able to remove the branding by using the same button mentioned above. 

For paid users

3. For paid users, you just need to click on the 'confirm' button to remove the branding.


You can update your email address by following these steps:
1. Visit the account section in your dashboard
2. Click on change email and update your new email address 

After this, your new email address will be updated, and using the same; you can sign-in in the future. 

Yes, you can edit. After signup, you may visit the profile page to change the details. Also, you can update your default profile image and page loader; it will reflect on all the QR code display pages you will make. 

In advanced analytics, information such as -
- real-time scan count
- Timeline analysis
- Hourwise analysis
- Day wise analysis
- Device analysis
- Browser analysis and
- Geo-based analysis is displayed in the dashboard. 
With the ULTIMA plan, you will get an option to export the analytics data with the date filter to measure the performance of your QR campaigns that report includes IP addresses as well. 
advanced analytics.PNG

We have an article that explains this in detail; please refer here:

However, if you are looking to create an event information page, then you may use our event page:

Domain white labeling replaces the QRCodeChimp domain name with your domain name in the QR code URLs, resulting in QR code short URLs of your brand. 

Our white-labeling service is available only to active ULTIMA and above plans users.

You may go through the Domain white labeling guide to get complete knowledge about the process and send us an email at with the required data to proceed.

Please follow the steps to create a sub-account for your teammates/colleagues as given below:

1. Go to your Dashboard.
2. Click on the "Sub Accounts" option.

3. Once you click on the "Sub Accounts" option, you may have to enter your Account ID(i.e., alphanumeric characters), which is a one-time process. This account id can be considered as Admin ID, and all subaccount holders can be created under this Account ID.

4. Once you have created your Account ID, you can create a New Sub Account. 

5. Click on "Create a New Sub Account" and provide all the details required like login Id for subaccount user(i.e., alphanumeric characters), first name, last name, and email.

6. Also, you can select "Access Type" either Full(can access all the QR codes) or Personal(can access QR codes created by subaccount only).

Once a sub-account is created, the email will be sent to that sub-account user with all details.

We do have an option to add audio files in the landing.
Here are the steps to follow:
1. Go to the landing page ( and click on the file manager.
2. Upload your audio file
3. Copy the link of the uploaded audio file
4. Click on the code view icon of the landing page and use the code given below and paste that copied link there in place of YourFile.mp3
<audio controls>
  <source src="YourFile.mp3type="audio/mpeg">