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QR Code For Event

Promote your events and provide all the necessary information to the guest about the event.

See how Event QR

More about Event QR code

It's all about managing event

Having all the details of the event on a single scan is the perfect thing that you can do for promoting an event. Customise page according to your event and add more look with adding logo and background image. Describe your event, add registration or booking site, contact person details, venue, etc. By scanning the QR code guests can get all the information to reach there. Advertise QR using print ads such as flyers, banners or share the URL digitally.

Promote your event using QR code

Every event needs solid planning to execute it perfectly. Even a single mistake can ruin all efforts. Specially marketing the event is a big challenge to get more customers due to increasing competition. Event planners need to use every possible tool that would turn the audience up, whether they are promoting a business conference or new year party. So, we came up with Event QR code that would be a more effective element while promoting an event.

After scanning event QR code the user can follow the desired action using a given button to register for the event. The QR has two benefits first is easy registration for events just by tapping a button and the second, customer can reach you quickly if they need any assistance via given contact details. What else can be so helpful to deliver all the details to your guest?

Know your audience
Using analytics of your Event QR code you are able to see how many scans you got. It will give you the exact number of scans that will help to measure the performance of your event marketing campaign.

Don’t worry about last-minute updates
Event QR code possesses dynamic nature so you can update the event-related information whenever you need, no need to download the QR code again. It will update the existing QR code.

Get more participants
The event QR code is design such a way that once the scan happens the viewer will get complete information of the event with the button to register the event. The button redirects to the page where a viewer can book his seat for an event, fill a form or any other action. According to the event requirement, you can add the destination page link. By providing an easy way to register you can get more participants for your event.

Where should I use Event QR code?

On marketing print materials
A simple way to use QR code is they can be printed on the marketing materials like flyer, banner, etc. In the case of a cafe or resto QR code can work well if printed on menu cards.

Share the URL
The QR code comes with the short URL that you can share directly to reach the maximum audience.

In-store/ shop
To give the instant discount while billing, one can use the coupon QR code at the counters.

You can put the QR code where your customers give attention.

QR code for Event

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