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QR Code For Facebook

A quick way to get more likes and followers on a Facebook page

See how Facebook QR works!

More about Facebook QR code

Get instant likes

QR code for Facebook bridges the gap between print media and the most prominent social media network. It makes it easy for people to reach your Facebook page quickly, and that's how it leads to more likes.

The like button on the mobile-friendly customized page instantly attracts users' attention. Collect likes and followers using a Facebook QR code on your print materials.

Happy Promoting!

                             How to promote using Facebook QR code

  Facebook is an excellent platform for businesses to promote their products or services and connect and interact with clients.

Create your own Facebook QR code

Having a Facebook page is a must for every business now. It follows with maintaining the content to get more likes and followers. How to use QR codes to promote them? Well, that's where the role of QR code starts. Bring your customers closer to your brand with a Facebook QR code.

While creating a QR code for your Facebook Business page, you must enter a valid URL. It's essential to check the page settings and make the page public. Otherwise, it will not be accessible after scanning the code. Our page design is customizable so, try different colors and backgrounds. If your brand has a logo, go for your logo design. Don't worry about mistakes. You can update QR anytime, even after downloading the QR code. No need to create a new one!

Create Your Own It's Free

How to use QR code for promotion

QR codes are pretty good at absorbing themselves with anything. You can use it on Visiting cards, shop windows or outside the office, product labels, posters, and other marketing print materials. Just add QR where customers can see it.

You can design QR according to your current Facebook campaigns or design what best suits your brand. Encourage customers to scan the QR code.

QR code for Facebook

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