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Share PDF files with a quick scan!

See how to make a PDF QR code!

How to create a PDF QR code?

Step 1:

Go to google drive or dropbox.

Step 2:

Upload your PDF file.

Step 3:

Click on share and copy the link (make sure the file has access to view by anyone).

Step 4:

Paste the copied link in the URL field of the PDF QR code. Check the box below it to make the QR code dynamic.

Step 5:

Save your QR Code with customization. You can also add a PDF logo to make it even more appealing. 

Step 6:

Test your QR Code, and your PDF QR code is ready! 

Scan more, secure more, and organize more with less

There are numerous advantages of using QR Codes for businesses, but few are aware of how helpful QR codes can be for sharing documents. Adding a QR code to a document may seem complicated, but the process is quite simple. You can convert any word document to a PDF, access a QR code generator to acquire a QR code, and integrate it into the PDF. Whether it be your office documents, medical records, business inventory record, or invoices, QR codes can make the process of sharing documents more secure.

How do QR codes for sharing PDFs make the process more organized?

Splitting and Bookmarking:

Scanners can search QR codes in data and create a new document for that code. Several PDFs like repair orders, invoice numbers, patient orders can be scanned and split quickly compared to other time-consuming methods. QR code information can also insert PDF bookmarks. There may be a single file, but the output PDF will have separate bookmarks to help you navigate better.


Another benefit of using QR codes is the identification of documents while they are being scanned. Some QR Code document management software can facilitate automated scanning and paperless onboarding, speeding up the process manifolds.


QR codes for PDF sharing can also help users determine the file system's scanning path. The system can create folders and subfolders upon scanning document sets.


QR codes for PDF sharing can also be helpful in indexing information and storing metadata. The data extracted from the scanned PDF can be organized in a document management system.


QR codes can also be combined with other document variables to tag various output files created for scanned documents.

Why do you need to start using QR Codes?

  • QR codes are compatible with most scanning devices.
  • They can store more information than other bar codes.
  • They consume less space than other codes.
  • QR codes can read data in different languages.
  • QR codes can restore data in case of damage.
  • QR codes can function even with poor quality print.
  • QR codes respond to advanced 2D technology.
  • They can classify information under various heads. QR codes are more portable than other codes.
  • They can be scanned through any device, including a smartphone.

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