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Image to QR Code: Create a QR Code for Images

Convert images into a QR code and share them with your consumers

See how to make your perfect QR code!

What is an Image QR Code?

An image QR code lets you share multiple images with your audience. Users can scan the code to get instant access to the image gallery. Photographers, real estate agents, models, restaurant owners, and hoteliers can use an image QR code to share images with potential clients and consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use image QR codes?

A picture QR code allows you to share images with your audience in an easy way. Users can scan the code to view all the images in the gallery. An image to QR code is highly effective if you use traditional marketing channels like newspapers, billboards, etc., to promote your product or service.

What information can I display in an image QR code?

QRCodeChimp's image QR code generator lets you include 32 images per gallery, along with the image title, basic information, page loader image, and customizable effects. Hence, the marketing and user engagement opportunities with image QR codes are endless.

How can a user access images attached to an image QR code?

Viewing images from an image QR code is super easy. Users need to scan the image QR code, and the attached photos will get downloaded on their device. They can save the pictures for later and view them at their convenience. 

What image file formats does QRCodeChimp's image to QR code generator support?

QRCodeChimp's image QR code generator lets you create an image QR code for all image formats. Two major file extensions supported by the solution are JPG (JPEG) and PNG. Besides, QRCodeChimp also supports GIF files. 

Create and Manage Picture QR Codes with QRCodeChimp

QRCodeChimp's image QR code generator offers various features to help you create image QR codes and track their scans. Here’s a quick overview of our image QR code generator:

QRCodeChimp is a user-friendly solution that lets you make image QR codes easily. You can create an Image Gallery QR code in a few minutes without any specialized skills.
QR Code Customization
The solution offers several customization features to make your image QR code appealing and engaging. You can use unique shapes, colors, pre-designs, and the 3D effect.
Consistent Branding
QRCodeChimp allows you to add a logo to your image QR code to align it with your brand. It also offers white labeling, which lets you redirect users to your custom URL when they scan the code.
Calls to Action (CTAs)
QRCodeChimp offers over 150 stickers with calls to action (CTAs) to make your QR codes actionable. You can use stickers to add a CTA to your QR code, resulting in more scans.
Sharing and Organization
Our solution provides folders and subaccounts to share and organize your QR codes. You can also upload QR codes in bulk using the bulk upload feature.
Tracking and Analytics
The dashboard provides time-wise and location-wise analysis to help you track the scans of your image QR codes. Hence, you can track and evaluate the scans on your QR codes.

How to get more scans on your Image QR Code?

Follow these tips to make your image QR codes user-centric and get more scans.

Find the right size

Your QR codes should be easy to scan, and the best way to ensure it is by creating QR codes of the right size. Ideally, you should print QR codes of at least 0.8 x 0.8 inches.

Give them a perfect look

The design of your image gallery QR code plays a vital role in getting more scans. People will scan your QR code more frequently if it looks visually appealing. Use different shapes and colors to give your image QR codes an exciting and relatable look.

Use CTAs to inspire action

Calls to action (CTAs) can boost the scan rate of your image QR code. Include CTAs with your image QR codes to inspire action and get more scans.

Leverage multiple channels to increase reach

Distribute your QR code across channels to reach more people and get more scans. You can download the image QR code as a PNG and PDF file and share it on online and offline channels.

How does an Image QR Code work?

A picture QR code makes it easier to share images with your consumers. Here's how an image QR code works:

You create an image gallery containing the images and web links. You then create an Image Gallery QR code and share it with your audience.
They scan the code and get redirected to the display page containing the images. Users can scan the QR code using an iOS or Android device.
People get redirected to the image gallery display page in their default browser app. They can view the pictures in the gallery or save them for later.
This way, you can easily share photos with your online and offline audience. It's great for business that rely on visual marketing.

Benefits of an Image QR Code

An image QR code enables effortless image sharing, and it can boost your marketing and lead generation efforts. Here are the benefits of an image QR code.

  • An image QR code streamlines image sharing, allowing you to easily share images with your audience with a single scan.
  • Distributing an image QR code is a mobile-friendly way of sharing images. We live in a mobile-driven world, and an image QR code will help you cater to a mobile audience.
  • You can share an image QR code online (social media, email, landing pages) and offline (newspapers, billboards) to ensure maximum reach and engagement.
  • If you rely on images for marketing, an image QR code is one of the most cost-effective and durable marketing tools to use.

Who should use an image QR code?

An image gallery QR code is an effective marketing tool for all businesses that use images to engage users. You should use an image QR code if you are:

Real Estate Firms
Real estate firms and individual realtors can use Image Gallery QR codes to showcase their best properties to attract more buyers and grow their business.
Photographers and photography studios can share pictures and demonstrate their work using a QR code for portfolio and get more clients.
Models can share their pictures with potential clients with the help of an image QR code and get more eyeballs and working opportunities.
Travel Operators
Travel agencies and operators can share images of mesmerizing destinations with potential customers using an image QR code.
Restaurants and cafes can use an image QR code to showcase their food and ambiance to attract more guests and grow their business.
Hotels can use image QR codes to show their rooms, facilities, and services to potential guests and generate more bookings.