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Emergency Information at Your Fingertips

Ensure your safety with QRCodeChimp's Medical Alert QR Code- your essential medical details and contacts, accessible instantly in emergencies.

Carry your vital information wherever you go, ensuring first responders and medical professionals have instant access to what they need in an emergency.

You're supported by a solution that speaks for you when it matters most.

What is Medical Alert QR Code?

QRCodeChimp brings a solution for anyone who needs continuous medical care and desires a self-dependent life. Your Medical Alert QR Code stores and shows your emergency contacts and necessary information in a snap. This enables you to lead an independent life even if you have some medical conditions and might require medical assistance at any moment. It provides immediate responders and medical professionals with your identification, blood group, emergency contacts, etc. This ensures wise decisions and can help to save lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a Medical Alert QR Code?

Follow the steps below and create your Medical ID.

Step 1: Customize Your ID URL (Optional)

Customize the Medical ID Page URL to your preference (optional).

Note: Once saved, you cannot change it.

Step 2: Select a Template

Select a template for your Medical ID.

Step 3: Enter Your Details, Emergency Information

Enter your identification details and the emergency information in the components of the Content tab.

Note: You can choose to hide/delete/move the components to your preference.

Step 4: Add Additional Components (Optional)

Click on 'Add Component' to add additional sections such as buttons, links, images, videos, etc (Optional).

Step 5: Customize the Page Design

Click on the 'Design/Settings' tab to customize the page design with background image/video, colors, font style, card style, and page loader.

Note: You can also set your emails to receive email notifications of scans.

Step 6: Setup the ‘Privacy Popup’

Whenever someone scans your medical ID, they will get a Privacy Popup. You can change or edit it here.

Step 7: Customize Your QR Code Design

Click on the 'QR Code' tab to customize your QR Code design (e.g., adding shape, color, and sticker). Click on the 'x' icon of the 'Customize QR Code' popup to save changes.

Note: Please keep the QR code simple and easy to scan, ensuring no trouble when needed.

Step 8: Save and Download

Click on the 'Save' button. Enter the QR Code name, edit the URL (optional), select folder (optional) and click on 'Save.'

Note: Make sure to scan your QR Code from different devices (iOS and Android) before printing for production.

What information can I include in my Medical Alert QR Code?

You can include crucial details such as your name, age, blood group, and emergency contacts. You can also add the physician's information, the medical institutions you're associated with, and any known allergies. This ensures that responders have a comprehensive overview in case of critical times.

Is the Medical Alert QR Code compatible with all types of smartphones?

Yes, QRCodeChimp's QR code is designed to work with all smartphones. It utilizes standard QR code technology, ensuring accessibility for various devices.

How does the Scan Alert Email feature work?

Whenever someone scans your Medical Alert QR Code, a designated email address receives an email containing the scan location and time. This provides an added layer of awareness for your selected contacts.

Please note that the scan location entirely depends on the IP address of the scanning device.

How does this solution help first responders in making quick and informed decisions during emergencies?

The QR Code gives first responders immediate access to critical information like blood group, allergies, and emergency contacts. This enables them to make swift and informed decisions, potentially saving valuable time in these situations.

How does the Medical Alert QR Code benefit individuals with rare medical conditions or unique healthcare needs?

For individuals with rare conditions, the QR Code becomes a lifeline. Include details about the rare condition, medications, and contact information for specialists, ensuring that responders and medical professionals are informed about the unique healthcare needs.

How can travelers benefit from using the Medical Alert QR Code during trips abroad?

Travelers can include details about existing medical conditions, allergies, and emergency contacts. In a critical situation in a foreign country, the QR Code provides local responders with vital information, overcoming language and communication barriers.

How can I educate my family, friends, and caregivers about the existence and importance of my Medical ID QR?

Share the QR code and its purpose with your close circle. Consider placing it on your personal items, sharing it digitally, or discussing it during family gatherings. Increasing awareness ensures that those around you know how to access vital information in an emergency.

Can I use the Medical Alert QR Code for my child or a family member who needs special medical attention?

The Medical Alert QR Code is versatile and can be customized to store essential medical information for anyone who requires special medical care or attention.

Can I update my Medical Alert QR Code information in real-time?

Yes. You can easily update your medical information as needed, ensuring that responders and medical professionals always have the most accurate and current details.

Can I include information about multiple emergency contacts in my Medical Alert QR Code?

Yes, you can include details for multiple emergency contacts. This ensures that responders have options and can reach out to the most relevant individuals in different situations.

Can I use the Medical Alert QR Code abroad in case of emergencies?

QRCodeChimp's Medical Alert QR Code is designed for universal compatibility. Anyone with a smartphone can scan it, making it a valuable tool even when traveling internationally.

Can I print Medical ID QR on a wearable, like a bracelet or necklace?

Printing the QR code on wearables is a great idea. It provides a convenient and accessible way for responders to access your medical information. Create your Medical ID QR on QRCodeChimp in a few minutes and get it printed on convenient objects.

Can I customize the information displayed?

While the QR Code displays comprehensive information, the linked online profile can prioritize information. Include urgent details at the top of the list to ensure they are seen first in critical situations.

Can the Medical Alert QR Code be used for individuals with cognitive impairments or conditions like Alzheimer's?

Yes, it can be beneficial for individuals with cognitive impairments. Include relevant information about the condition, emergency contacts, and specific instructions to provide crucial details during confusion or distress.

Can the Medical Alert QR Code be used in workplaces for employees with specific medical conditions or allergies?

Yes, it's a valuable tool for workplace safety. Employees with specific medical conditions can wear identification with the QR Code, providing colleagues and first responders quick access to crucial health information.

Can I protect my Medical Alert QR code with a password?

Yes, you can use our feature Passcode Protection and protect your medical ID.

On the Design / Settings tab, you can enable the passcode and set your secret key along with session timeout. Further, you can set the passcode input label and even the button.

This is the way you can protect your data from unauthorized access and maintain privacy.

Are my designated email addresses confidential?

The email addresses designated for the Scan Alert Email feature are kept confidential and are not shared with anyone. This ensures the privacy and security of your notification system.

Why Medical Alert QR Code?

If you are a senior citizen or have a critical medical situation, you must convey vital details like your blood group, allergies, emergency contacts, etc. In emergencies, conveying this can be challenging. Medical Alert QR Code comes to the rescue, as anyone can scan the QR and access the vital information needed to identify and help you. This helps the first responders make the right decisions and contact the right people for you. The QR also allows medical professionals to know your blood group and allergies and contact people for you.

Who can use Medical Alert QR Code?

We highly recommend Medical Alert QR Codes for individuals with one or more medical conditions, medications, or allergies. The importance of wearing a medical ID extends to those who might face challenges expressing medical details. This includes children and individuals with autism or other intellectual disabilities. Your safety matters, and a medical alert ID can be your companion in helping prompt and accurate medical attention.

Anyone With Medical Conditions
Allergy Sufferers
Old People Needing Supervision
Intellectually Challenged
Anyone Needing Non-Verbal Medical Details

How to use Medical Alert ID?

There are many ways you can carry the ID. If you like bling, you can get medical ID jewelry and make a statement. You can also gift a medical ID locket to your loved ones and make sure they feel loved and safe at the same time. Wear it how you like it, but make sure it is visible and accessible when needed, and try scanning it yourself.

Wear a medical ID bracelet, which is easy to carry and maintain. Moreover, you can style it as you want, and it is easily visible to others.
Wearing a medical ID necklace is just as easy and practical. If you wear chains or lockets around your neck, a QR code engraved pendant will add value to it.
A good keychain is essential for all home, car, or other keys. Getting a medical ID keychain will make it better.
Getting medical ID on phone is a great idea. You can get a medical ID phone case or use a medical ID lock screen.
You can get your Medical ID QR printed on a bank card-sized card and carry it in your pockets, purse, or wallet.

Benefits of Medical Alert QR Code

The innovative solution comes with a range of benefits. Here are a few:

Instant & Easy Details
You can set up your medical ID easily in a few steps, and people can get all your necessary vital information with just a scan.
Easy Updating
You can easily update your details in an easy and quick manner.
Scan Alert Email
Every time someone scans the code, an email is sent to a designated email address, informing them about the scan location and time.

How Does Medical Alert QR Code Work?

The first responder scans your QR and accesses your emergency contact, allergies, doctors, and medical institute. Then they contact the right people for you.
When medical staff scans your QR, they learn about your blood group, allergies, etc, and can contact your loved ones.
With each scan, your designated email addresses get an email informing them about the time and location of the scan.

Best Practices for Medical Alert QR Code

  • Add only the necessary information and make sure it is clear.

  • Write clear and easy-to-understand labels for ease.

  • Create a neat design for the QR code to ensure easy scans.

  • Place your QR code appropriately for optimum visibility.

  • Test the QR code and check if the information is correct.

  • Keep updating your information as needed.


QRCodeChimp's Medical Alert QR Code solution is designed to offer a convenient way to store and share essential medical information. However, we want to emphasize the following points:

  1. Loss of Information: QRCodeChimp is not responsible for any loss of information stored in the Medical Alert QR Code. Users are advised not to store personal and critical information to prevent any potential loss.
  2. HIPAA Compliance: Our solution is not compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). While we prioritize the security and privacy of your data, users should be aware that the solution may not meet the specific requirements outlined by HIPAA.
  3. User Responsibility: Using the Medical Alert QR Code is a suggestion and entirely the user's responsibility. Users are encouraged to exercise caution, regularly review and update their information, and ensure the accuracy of the details stored in the QR Code.
By using this solution, users acknowledge and accept these disclaimers, understanding that QRCodeChimp is providing a tool for convenience and that users are responsible for maintaining and protecting their medical information.

Why choose QRCodeChimp as your go-to QR Code generator for unparalleled safety?

Our SOC 2 certification reflects our dedication to continuously monitor and improve our security protocols, controls, and checks.
We prioritize the protection of your data, ensuring it is encrypted at every stage, whether in transit or at rest.
The addition of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for your main account and any subaccounts adds an extra layer of security.
Our unique "Passcode Protection" feature enables you to safeguard any landing page, such as Digital Business Cards, ensuring access is securely controlled.
Compliance with GDPR standards underscores our commitment to respecting and protecting data privacy.
A strong Data Processing Agreement is in place to guarantee that your information is treated with the utmost respect and care.