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QR Code For Dynamic URL

Let Progressive QR Codes Adapt To Digital Transformation

See how to make your perfect QR code!

Manage your dynamic campaigns

Creating a Dynamic URL QR Code allows you the flexibility to make changes in the embedded information anytime without creating a new QR code. It is especially beneficial for dynamic marketing campaigns, variable target markets, and event communication.

Each scan generated by the Dynamic QR code generator also provides data analytics to know the scanning device's date, time, location, and OS.

Why Do Businesses Prefer A Dynamic QR Code Generator?

The pandemic left no choice but to go digital for small and medium scale businesses. But the sudden change from offline to online left a gap that Dynamic QR codes can most efficiently bridge. Physical in-store signage or invoice can have a Dynamic QR code to direct the audience to a digital platform like a website or a social media account. While Static QR codes are great for manufacturing industries using bulk QR codes, they are editable like Dynamic QR codes after printing.

Benefits of Using Dynamic QR Code Generator

Optimize Marketing Campaigns With Editable QR Codes
Let us take the example of an organic food e-commerce store. It can share recipes, health benefits, nutritional information, and seasonal cooking changes with a single Dynamic QR Code on its product packaging.

Speed of Scanning
Dynamic QR Codes allow shorter URLs to avoid making dense codes that may sometimes be difficult to scan. Lighter QR codes that look neat and are easier to scan provide a better customer experience.

Data Analytics
A Dynamic QR Code is trackable and gives deeper insights on scans, user behavior, patterns, and preferences.QR Code Chimp offers a customized dashboard with Dynamic QR Codes that analyze GPS location, time slots, scan numbers, and device specifications. You can easily integrate our dashboard with Google Analytics for additional insights or the existing CRM for UTM parameters.

Ideal for Expansion
Re-usability supports growth by simplifying new launches, openings, testing product positioning regularly. Dynamic QR codes can upgrade the existing operations as and when required.

Static QR Codes v/s Dynamic QR Codes

As their names suggest, static QR codes are suitable for individual tasks or linear business demands like bulk QR codes of a product manufactured for mass consumption. For Dynamic marketing needs or businesses in their growth stage, Dynamic QR codes are better.

How To Create A Dynamic URL QR Code?

Go to www.qrcodechimp.com and sign up/sign in.

Choose 'Dynamic URL QR Code.'

Fill in the URL.

Add design elements to your QR code.

Save your QR code.

How Do Dynamic QR Codes Work Differently?

QR Codes encode URLs or information. A regular QR Code directly embeds data into squares and dots. But a Dynamic QR Code allows the option of encoding a shorter URL for a neater code that is easier to scan and edit. Users can decide where the short URL should redirect.

Why should you use QRCodeChimp to Generate a Dynamic QR Code?

  • The unique API REST technology enables you to integrate Dynamic QR Code Generator with your existing marketing process at a large scale.
  • Our feature of storing cookies on the user's smartphones empowers you to re-target a consumer who has visited your website, social media handles, your physical store, or an event.
  • QR Codes work best in combining the massive data Google has by tracking the website a user visits. Our provision of incorporating Google Analytics gives additional insights into the interests, history, preferences, and primary data of the target consumer.
  • Our expertise in security and SOC-2 compliance protects your use of Dynamic QR codes.
  • We have the flexibility to cater to your scale of operations by providing various packages for SMBs and enterprise-level solutions.
  • We empower businesses to combine Dynamic QR codes with drag and drop websites, DIY surveys, and mobile landing pages, build a template from scratch, and change campaigns in real-time.

Who Can Use Dynamic URL QR Code Generator?

Restaurants and Hotels

Can use a standard Dynamic QR code instead of different QR codes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all-day dining menus. Depending on the time of the day, menus can have a time range between which they can reflect on scanning the code, respectively. If you do a different menu on weekends, they can reflect accordingly on the selected days.

Product Based Companies

Companies that educate the customers on sustainability, share recipes, or DIY projects can encode information in the same Dynamic QR code on their product packaging.

Educational Institutes

Educational campuses can use dynamic QR codes to share videos and tutorials on historical, social, environmental, or topical information and place the QRs in public areas like libraries, parks, and entertainment zones to promote alternate education sources.

Media Houses

Media houses can encode the latest content from their social media or YouTube channels in a Dynamic QR code placed on signages, newspapers, and magazines and keep their audiences updated.

Public and Social Welfare Bodies

Like the police department, healthcare centers, NGOs, traffic police, and administrative offices can have dynamic QR codes on streets for complaints, information, rules.

Freelancers and Artists

Can display their creations and writings in a portfolio through Dynamic QR codes on their business cards, social media, websites, and CV.