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Google Feedback Forms
QR Code

Get Feedback From Your Customers Instantly!

See how to make Shapes QR Code!

How to create a Google Feedback Form QR code?

Step 1:

Login to your Gmail account and go to Google Forms.

Step 2:

Create your feedback form and click on send.

Step 3:

Copy the URL link of your Google form.

Step 4:

Open QR Code Generator for Feedback Forms on QRCodeChimp and paste the link into the Form URL field in the "Basic Information" section.

Step 5:

Save your QR Code with customization. You can also add a Google forms logo to make it even more appealing. 

Step 6:

Test your QR Code, and you are done! 

Why use other devices when customers can scan!

Industries like food, hospitality, and tourism rely heavily on customer feedback. But these industries also handle many customers at a time, often resulting in multitasking, overlapping, and multiple feedback. Generating feedback with QR codes has more benefits than one for such businesses.

How is the QR code for feedback forms helpful?

  • QR code feedback forms can be easily customized and added to digital or print material. A quick scan enables the customers to access the form and give comprehensive feedback on their experience with your products or services.
  • QR code feedback forms can be optimized for various devices. The automatically generated short URLs work efficiently with digital platforms like email or social media by loading faster than long URLs.
  • Dynamic QR code feedback forms come with unique features like editability, traceability, and changeability.
  • Complete customization of feedback forms for various individuals or groups is possible for an in-depth collection of feedback. Separate icons for separate categories can help in identifying different forms.
  • The QR code feedback form can have the logo in a color that matches your brand logo. You can also integrate a unique 'Call To Action' (CTA) and experiment with various stickers and shapes in a custom frame.

Who can use QR code feedback forms?

  • Hotels and resorts can share QR code feedback forms as table tents or flyers.
  • FMCG products-based industries can get feedback on taste, packaging, ingredients, flavors, and delivery mechanisms.
  • Home repairs and maintenance businesses like Urban Clap can use QR code feedback forms for more detailed feedback regarding the service, service provider, punctuality, and cleanliness.
  • Restaurants and home delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy can use QR code feedback forms to know customer experience with food and service quality.
  • Consultation-based professions like doctors, therapists, fitness instructors, or nutritionists can get feedback on client satisfaction.

Advantages of QR Code Rating and Feedback Form

  • It is a cost-effective method to get feedback.
  • There is no need for an external device. All smartphones have cameras or apps which can scan QR codes.
  • QR code can be integrated with Facebook and Google Ads with a single click for online retargeting.
  • Tracking the data with date, time, location and analyzing the feedback with QR code can be conveniently done by exporting or integrating with Google Analytics.

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