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Google Calendar QR Code

Events, birthdays, or appointments, link them into a calendar with a scan!

See how to make Shapes QR Code!

How to create a Google Calendar QR code?

Step 1:

Go to Google Calendar and create your calendar event.

Step 2:

Click on the created event and select publish event. 

Step 3:

Copy the 'link to event' URL 

Step 4:

Paste the copied calendar link into the URL field of the Google Calendar QR Code. Check the box below it to make the QR code dynamic. 

Step 5:

Save your QR Code with customization. You can also add a Google Calendar logo to make it even more appealing. 

Step 6:

Test your QR Code, and your Google calendar QR code is ready! 

Save events in Calendar, get reminders, and more...

If you think google calendar only reminds you of what day it is, you've been underestimating an intelligent tool. Google calendar can transform the most unorganized person into an efficient one if used wisely. Contrary to popular belief, it does not only give reminders but has a large number of sub-functions. For example, it can create an event, add guests, location, event description, notifications, and save the event, to schedule a meeting. Similarly, to respond to and manage events, it can reply, update, check attendance, delete and restore an event. You can share your calendar, view other people's calendars, create a shared calendar, import and export events, and add out-of-office dates. You can do all this and so much more to make your professional and personal life more efficient with calendars.

                                            Why QR Code for Google Calendar?

If you text or email an invitation to a prospective attendee, the person will still have to add the details on their calendar. People are often likely to forget this critical step. If it's an open event and you want walk-ins to attend, you will need their contact details to send the invitation. QR Code for Google Calendar can help you solve this problem effectively. Let's say you're a writer promoting your book by conducting a free writing workshop at a book fair. You're handing out flyers to invite them to a store where the workshop can be attended next week after purchasing your book. You would like their details for a database to get a book review later. The registration for the workshop by using QR code for Google Calendar can do this and much more. Scanning the QR code for the workshop lets you know the names, numbers, and details of attendees and readers who may review the book later.

                        How Google Calendar QR Code is the most brilliant way to invite?

  • A QR code for Google calendar will prompt the guests to add and save the event on their smartphones when scanned.
  • You can add a call to action like 'Scan to save the event.'
  • You can personalize the code by adding colors and logos.
  • QR codes for Google Calendars work incredibly well for promotional events where the code itself works as a point-of-engagement. More attractive and unique the code, the higher the chances.
  • Choice of aesthetics can help the code blend with the invitation's design instead of looking like an eyesore.
  • Dynamic QR codes surpass any other medium with their ability to modify as and when required.

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