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QR Code For Google Meet

Embed intelligent invites for Video Conferences

See how to make Shapes QR Code!

How to create a Google meet QR code?

Step 1:

Go to Google Meet.

Step 2:

Click on the "New meeting" button and click the suitable option to create the meeting.

Step 3:

Copy the URL link of the meeting you have created.

Step 4:

Open "QR Code Generator for Google Meet" on QRCodeChimp and paste the link into the URL field in the "Basic Information" section. Check the box below it to make the QR code dynamic.

Step 5:

Save your QR Code with customization. You can also add a Google meet logo to make it even more appealing.

Step 6:

Test the QR Code, and your Google Meet QR Code is ready! 

Send smart invites for video conferences.

Google Meet is a secure tool to conduct enterprise-grade video conferences. It has a robust infrastructure suitable for the corporate and education sectors. To create an intriguing invite amongst clients, employees, or students, one can send personalized QR codes for Google Meet. It can assist the user in adding the meeting reminder to the Google calendar when scanned. Furthermore, some additional information can also be put as a description of the QR code. 

QR Codes are an advanced 2D version of the barcode, making life easier for consumers and businesses across the globe. The most significant advantage of QR codes is that they bridge the gap between physical and digital mediums. Once you start using QR codes for Google Meet, you will never look for another way of sharing.

Why should you use QR Codes for Google Meet?

For the ease of sharing

While conducting a video conference, the focus should be on real business instead of troubleshooting. Constant coordination to guide people to log in can distract the host and the audience from the main agenda. Not to mention, the larger audience that has already logged in has to maintain patience for those facing issues. With QR code for Google Meet, one has to enable one's smartphone camera, scan the code, and start the meeting seamlessly. 

To Save Time

Typing a lengthy URL code, searching one's email or Whatsapp inbox for the link and passcode, or shifting between devices can waste time for oneself and other audiences. The ability to save everyone's time must be practiced and encouraged. QR Code for Google Meet can make one join in less than 30 seconds, Chimp promise!

Customize your Code

If you're a brand conducting a video conference for your clients, incorporating your brand logo, color, and similar shape can be a great way to begin impressing ahead of the meeting. We don't like to brag, but QRCodeChimp has a wide range of options to choose from to beautify your Google Meet QR Code.

Categorize to Organize

Looking at how the pandemic has normalized work-from-home culture, video conferences through Google Meet are at an all-time high. If a company head plans to regularly have video conferences with various department teams, sending department-specific QR codes for weekly meetings can save time, effort, confusion while helping in recording attendance and managing better.

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