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QR Code For Menu

Create a no-touch menu with a QR code for contactless dining!

See how to make your perfect QR code!

Let's create a QR code menu for your restaurant!

Step 1:

Log in to QRCodeChimp and choose the "QR code generator for Menu" from the QR codes list.

Step 2:

Design the display page for your menu, which your customers will see on their mobile screens on QR code scan. In this section, you can customize the page by using the design and customize option, under which you have presets color available. You can also select your color scheme from the color palette. Upload the menu images and appropriate background images matching your restaurant theme in the "Image Upload" section.

Step 3:

Enter the description of the place, name, the website of the business, call-to-action button in the "Basic Information" section. Upload a loader image if you want to show a customized loader while your menu loads. 

Step 4:

Now is the turn to design the QR code. Customize the code by selecting different options present on display and create a unique code by adding the colors matching the place and logo of your restaurant.

Step 5:

Click on the save QR code button. Test your QR code, and you are good to go!

                             Create QR code menu for contactless dining



As we head back to a new normal in the Covid era, it has become essential for restaurants to adopt all necessary measures for a safe dining experience for the customers. Social distancing and no-touch are a priority for everyone. QR codes for menus are indispensable for contactless dining.

A simple scan will directly land the diners on your menu page. The benefits of a QR code menu are not just limited to sanitization purposes. Read on to know why your restaurants should have the new digital menu card.

What are the benefits of using Menu QR Code?

Other than having a contactless menu, it has several other benefits too! Following are a few of them.

Save paper, save money, save the planet.

Switching to QR code menus will help you to save your printing cost. Some of the paper-based menus in restaurants are disposable or get used one time, thus burdening printing costs. Even hardbound menus get torn after a while with multiple uses. So, Why not use QR codes instead? A scan will directly display your menu to the customers without a physical menu.

Change in the menu dishes or prices?

Have you seen menu cards with stickers over some prices or dishes as there was a change in the menu? It gives an unpleasant impression to diners, especially in high-end restaurants. The dynamic QR code is the perfect solution for such a problem. The owner can easily do variations in the menu without changing the QR codes.

Show your creativity - Place images along with the dishes.
Since adding images of the dishes to your physical menu is not feasible with limited space but that's possible another way around. The owner can add as many pictures as needed and even a complete description of that dish in the QR code menu.

That signature dish is over for the day!
At times the restaurants have sold out their signature dish, and it becomes hard for servers to say no every time guests ask for it. The server can remove that dish when unavailable using the Menu QR code.

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