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QR Code For Payments

Let the smartphones make smarter payments within seconds!

See how to make a Payments QR code!

How to create a Payment QR code for my business?

Step 1:

Go to paypal.com

Step 2:

Generate your PayPal payment link here.

Step 3:

Paste your copied link into the URL field of the payment QR code. Check the box below it to make the QR code dynamic.

Step 4:

Save your QR Code with customization. You can also add a PayPal logo to make it even more appealing.

Step 5:

Test your QR Code, and your Payments QR code is ready!

Safe transactions without any additional app

The larger the scope of technology, the smaller and safer the processes and requirements should be. Instead of demonetization, it took a pandemic for India to make digital payments like never before. And no, it's not just supermarkets and malls; even a corner convenience store is now transacting with a code. QR code for payment is designed better and holds more information than a barcode. Scanning a QR code through a smartphone is a lot easier than using cards, banking apps, or URLs to transfer money. Any payment processing application can scan the QR code to pay an amount set in the retailer's POS (point of sale).

What are the benefits of using QR codes for payments?

QR codes are the fastest way of making a transaction. Scanning the payee's QR code does not require the payer to type anything, which results in error-free inputs. Even ATM transactions with QR codes are faster than transactions made with a card. 

QR codes for payments are secure as the data transferred via QR codes is encrypted. Codes are information exchanging tools used for making payments in a foolproof manner. 

Setting up a QR code system is easy. All you need is a printed or electronic QR code and a smartphone to scan it. Using QR codes for payment also eliminates the requirement of a point of sale machine or any other equipment for the retailer. QR codes are scannable even if a part of the code is damaged. 

QR codes for payments can help in inventory management. If you're a business with a limited variety of products, you can use customized QR codes for each category. QR code scan can automatically record all the products' sales.

Who can use QR codes for payments?

QR codes for payments can offer an easy payment solution for several businesses. Some of them can be:


Booking online tickets for buses, trains, flights, tourist attractions, movies, or any other public space/event can be quickly done through a QR code for payment. Airlines can also use QR codes for web check-in at the airport or manage the entry system at the time of arrival.

Fuel Stations:

Fuel retail wallet solutions can allow the user to enter the fuel amount in the application. The system eliminates fraud by the staff as well as minimizes bookkeeping.

Toll Booths:

QR codes for payment can make cashless transactions at toll booths quick and straightforward.

Parking Facilities:

Parking payment solutions can allow the user to book a parking spot in advance and complete the transaction at the time of parking through a QR code for payment.

Street Vendors and Micro businesses:

Vendors and business owners with a small range of goods can use QR codes for payment. The vendors can choose to have a short description and price of the product, while the business owners can generate an invoice of a certain amount along with the QR code.

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