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Payment QR Code: QR Code Generator for Payments

Accept payments instantly by allowing customers to pay with a single scan

See the video to create a Payments QR Code.

What is a Payment QR Code?

A payment QR code carries your payment link. Users can scan the code to visit the payment page and make the payment, making the process fast and hassle-free.

How to create a Payment QR Code?

Follow these steps to create a payment QR code:

Step 1: Sign In to PayPal

Sign up/Login into your PayPal account.

Step 5: Design Your QR Code

Click on 'Design Color and Decorate QR Code' to customize your QR Code design (ex: adding color, shape, PayPal logo).
Note: Click on the 'x' icon of the 'Customize QR Code' popup to save changes.

Step 6: Save and Download

Save the QR Code by clicking on the 'Save QR Code' button, entering the QR name, and then clicking on 'Save.'
Note: Make sure to scan your QR Code from different devices (iOS and Android) before printing for production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to accept payments using a payment QR code?

Yes, it is completely safe to accept payments using a payment QR code. When users scan a payment QR code, they get redirected to your payment link. They can simply confirm the transaction and complete the payment.

Which payment processors does QRCodeChimp support?

QRCodeChimp supports all the major payment processors. These include PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Due, Square, etc. Moreover, our team is continuously adding support for new payment platforms.

Should I create a static or dynamic payment QR code?

It's always better to create a dynamic payment QR code. If your payment link changes in the future, you can update it without reprinting your payment QR code. However, you'll need to reprint your QR code if it's static.

Create and Manage Payment QR Codes with QRCodeChimp

QRCodeChimp is your one-stop solution for creating and managing payment QR codes. Here's why you should use QRCodeChimp:

Ease of Use
QRCodeChimp is easy to use, and it lets you create a payment QR code in a few seconds. You don't need any skills or experience to create a QR code.
Customization Options
You can customize your payment QR code with shapes, colors, and stickers to give it a perfect look. Decorate your Payment QR code to get more attention and scans.
Logo and Branding
You can add a logo to your payment QR code to align it with your brand. A logo makes your QR code recognizable, resulting in better branding and trust.
White Labeling
The white labeling feature lets you replace the default scan URL with a custom scan URL. Custom scan URLs make your QR codes trustworthy and help you get more scans.
Top-notch Management
Our QR code generator for Payments provides enterprise-grade management features like folders, subaccounts, and bulk uploading for higher efficiency and better management.
Detailed Analytics
You can view time-wise, location-wise, and device-wise scan analytics to evaluate your QR code campaigns. Analytics help you make informed decisions.

How to get more scans on your Payment QR Code?

Follow these best practices to get more scans on your payment QR code:

Ensure proper placement

Put your payment QR code in a proper place to get maximum scans. For retail stores and other physical shops, the cash desk is the best location for placing a payment QR code.

Print the right size

Print a payment QR code of the right size, so people can easily scan it. A QR code should be at least 0.8 x 0.8 inches, and you can increase the size as needed.

Customize your payment QR code

Use shapes, colors, and logos to make your payment QR codes visually appealing. Also, add stickers with CTAs to make them actionable.

How does a Payment QR Code work?

A payment QR code allows people to make a payment from their smartphones. Here's how a payment QR code works:

You create a payment QR code and place it in your store. It enables consumers to pay you online from their iOS and Android smartphones.
They scan the code to reach the payment page. Users need to open their payment app and scan the QR code to make the transaction.
Users need to confirm their transactions, after which the payment gets processed, and the money gets transferred to your account.
The payment process becomes fast and easy. Payment QR codes allow you to accept online payments easily while improving the user experience.

Benefits of a Payment QR Code

A payment QR code makes it easy to make and accept payments. Let's look at the benefits of a payment QR code:

  • Share accurate payment details and avoid the risk of errors.

  • Accept payments quickly.

  • Allow consumers to make payments easily, resulting in a better customer experience.

Where to use a Payment QR Code?

You can use a payment QR code at:

Retail Stores
Grocery stores and other shops can use a payment QR code to accept payments online and serve more customers.
Spas and Salons
Spas, salons, and other services can accept online payments using payment QR codes and reduce their dependence on cash.
Ticketing and Fuel Stations
Ticketing and fuel stations can use payment QR codes to enable cashless transactions and serve more customers in less time.
Hotels and Restaurants
Restaurants and hotels can place payment QR codes at checkout counters to accept online payments and speed up their billing process.