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QR Code For Resume

Get noticed by your dream employer with a QR Code

See how to make Shapes QR Code!

How to create a Resume QR code?

Step 1:

Go to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 2:

Upload your resume file.

Step 3:

Click on share and copy the URL link.

Step 4:

Paste the link into the URL field of the resume QR code. Check the box below it to make the QR code dynamic.

Step 5:

Save your QR Code with customization. You can also add a resume logo to make it even more appealing.

Step 6:

Test the QR Code, and your resume QR Code is ready!

Make your resume digital if

You know that an ideal resume should not be more than two pages, but you have plenty of information to share.
Your resume should be impressive, and share your LinkedIn or other profiles.
You would like your resume to stand out instantly.
You want to seem tech-savvy and intelligent.


You can do all this and much more by using a QR code for your resume!

Share more with less

A QR code is an advanced barcode that a smartphone camera can scan to share URLs, documents, and profiles. It can provide complete information, including images, videos, audio files, and portfolios. No matter how much data you encode in a QR code, it won't expand; it will only become denser.

Customize your resume anytime

With a dynamic QR code for your resume, you can tweak information depending on the company/industry of the employer to whom you're sending the resume. The flexibility especially helps when you're applying to multiple prospects.

Flaunt your art or logo

Creative professionals like graphic designers can opt for an artistic QR code for their resumes. One can choose from various colors, shapes, images, personalized logos, and themes in QR codes. How about using one of your drawings as a background image?

Track scanning details

You can trace the scanning details to be more responsive at the right time. Isn't it great to get details like the date and city where someone scanned the QR code on your resume!

Look good on their phones

Most of the online searches these days originate from mobile devices. Directing a prospective employer through a QR code anywhere you want quickly and easily has added advantages.

Give the employers a glimpse of your personality

Not all employers look for a master of one. Progressive companies prefer hiring dynamic employees with thought leadership and a vision for future growth. QR codes for resumes are an intelligent way to direct them to your websites, blogs, social media profiles, portfolios, or any platform that has published your work.

Rebrand your resume

QR codes look cool and refreshing. They give an impression of someone on-point with the latest trends and technology. Incorporating a QR code on your resume is highly recommended if you're re-applying to your dream company. The best thing about a QR code is that it can be as good as you want it to be. Let it help you reach the right platform for the visibility and career you deserve. Get your personalized QR Code for your resume with Chimp!

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