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QR Code for SMS

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What is a QR Code for SMS?

A QR code for text messaging in the form of a Short Message Service between mobile devices is known as an SMS QR Code. It enables the user to send an SMS to a target number with a pre-filled message.

How does QR Code for SMS work, and how long can it be?

SMS QR Code is a Static QR Code, and you cannot edit or modify it once generated and printed. If you want to make it dynamic, check the input boxes below. To create an SMS QR code, input the number, text message, and that's it. The standard format of the code is SMSTO:number: text message, where the first two colons separate the message, and other colons after that appear normal. Users can type up to 160 characters for SMS QR Codes to work seamlessly.

Why do I need an SMS QR Code?

Enhanced security

QR Codes for SMS can efficiently authenticate and verify transactions. Hence they are widely used to receive OTP for making payments. It can verify the mobile number owner, and the time stamp can record the time of purchase for warranty registration.

Better customer communication

By adding an SMS QR code to product packaging, invoice, or user manual, businesses can enable the customers to scan the code and instantly start conversing with the brand for suggestions and feedback.

No infrastructure required

The QR code for SMS can automatically detect the target phone number and open it to send the text message on QR code scan. It does not require an internet connection to function.

Free of cost

The Static QR code for SMS is free for professional and personal use.

How can I create a QR Code for SMS?

Select the SMS tab in the QR Code generator to create an SMS QR Code.

Enter the mobile number you wish to receive the text message from in a standard phone number format or a shortcode. Then add a pre-determined text message to make it easier for your audience to send the message with minimal typing.

Now, customize the appearance of the QR Code to match your brand colors and add a call-to-action, frame, shape, and logo to encourage scannability and increase brand recognition.

Click 'Save QR code' and scan it to ensure it works. Testing is an important step to avoid costly reprints. Then you may download the SMS QR Code and add it to the desired marketing material.

Tips to keep in mind before generating a QR Code for SMS

  • Complete phone number or a shorter code: A regular mobile number is affordable to maintain and works instantly after purchasing a SIM card. It can facilitate two-way communication with customers. On the other hand, using a short code for an SMS QR Code is costly and time-consuming. It's more suitable for enterprises that aim to strengthen their identity with vanity numbers.
  • Size: A minimum size of 2*2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 inch) for an SMS QR Code is appropriate to ensure scannability, especially when a large batch has to be printed for purposes like product packaging. 
  • Colors: Your QR Code for SMS does not need to be a monotonous black and white square. Play with colors you like, or choose those that go well with your brand. However, darker colors for the foreground and lighter colors for the background are an ideal combination.
  • Logo: Incorporating a logo in your QR Code for SMS is an intelligent yet affordable way to improve brand awareness. Whenever an SMS QR Code with your logo appears in the market, your customers will instantly scan it, given the familiarity of the QR Code.
  • Print format: QR Code Chimp ensures that your QR Codes are in the highest possible resolution. Using a photo editing tool, you can choose between PNG, PDF, or SVG file formats to integrate the SMS QR Code file with your packaging designs. Here are a few crucial QR code printing tips you must check on. 

Use Cases of QR Code for SMS

Event Managers

Event management companies can use QR codes for SMS to get RSVP from guests for events by creating simple, re-filled texts like 'Confirm RSVP for two guests' on the invitation cards that the recipient can quickly scan.


People often wish to donate but don't know how and where to. Not everyone may use a credit card or net banking, making it difficult for social organizations to get donations. SMS QR Codes on pamphlets, flyers, banners, or social media accounts can help deduct the donation amount from the user's mobile phone credit or bill it in the monthly invoice.

F & B Outlets

Food joints can add SMS QR Codes to their receipts, table tents, or menu cards so that customers can text their feedback and suggestions. SMS QR codes can also be printed on takeaway menus for home delivery to facilitate customers to order via a text message.

Personal Use

Individuals can use QR Codes for SMS to decide the destination for their next family vacation, venue for a birthday or bachelor's party with friends, and much more. An example of this could be "I vote for Copenhagen/Budapest/Las Vegas for our next vacation (delete two and click send)." You can also add QR codes on birthday or wedding cards for online gifts with a fun element!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does a QR code for SMS expire?

The Static QR code for SMS will remain valid as long as the number associated with it is functional. It is absolutely free to create and forever to keep. You can make your QR code dynamic by checking the box below the input boxes. 

Yes, you can use QR Code Chimp's API to generate SMS QR Codes in large batches directly into your system. It's a smart solution for manufacturing companies, logistics, and inventory management to print QR Codes in product packaging for its identification.

Since a Static QR Code cannot be edited once generated and printed, you will have to create a new QR code if you change your mobile number. But, if you have made a dynamic SMS QR code then you can edit your mobile number anytime.