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QR Code For Text

Convert any text to QR code instantly!

See how to make Shapes QR Code!

What is a Text QR Code generator?

QR Code for text enables its users to display simple words, digits, and special characters. Text to QR code is a basic facilitator that requires no internet connection to scan and work.

How does Text to QR Code work?

QR Code for Text is a Static QR Code, and it cannot be edited or modified once generated and printed. The text can have words, symbols, emojis, numbers, and a combination of all for up to 300 characters.

What are the benefits of using a QR Code for Text?

Zero Cost

No charges are involved for creating a Text to QR Code with QRCodeChimp. You just need to add the content you wish to share, customize the QR Code, and download it. You can use QR Code for Text for professional or non-professional purposes for free.

Easy To Use

Text to QR Code is an excellent way of sharing simple text without printing the entire content. Users can display a discount coupon code, sale notifications, customer loyalty offers, WiFi passwords, instructions, and more through QR Codes for text.


QR Codes are not dull black and white boxes any longer. You can customize the appearance of Text QR Codes to match them with your brand logo, color schemes, and themes. Moreover, you can add your logo or artwork to make it even more unique.


Text to QR Codes can be scanned and read by any QR Code scanning device and open as text-only files with the help of any application. It does not require an internet connection to work.

How To Use Text QR Code Generator?

Enter the text you would like to share in the text field. The content can comprise words, numbers, emojis, special characters, or a combination of all. When your text is placed, the QR Code will generate automatically.

Customize the generated QR Code for Text with a wide selection of colors, frames, shapes, images, and logos. If you do not wish to add any design element, feel free to use the code as it is.

Save your QR code and test it. You can now download the Text QR Code in high-quality format and integrate it into a printable file.

Use Cases of Text To QR Code

Educational Institutes

Schools and colleges can make educational activities more interactive and quizzes more engaging by using Text To QR Codes that display answers when scanned. Such tech inclusions help maintain students' interest levels in the class, both online and offline.

House Repair and Maintenance

Home repairing and maintenance companies can ensure that each team member follows the same protocol by printing QR Codes for Text on household items owned by regular customers. This way, even different repair executives can follow the same method by knowing what needs to be done for the specific item, preventing errors and incurring costs.

Software and Video Game Developers.

Video game designers can creatively strategize their hidden characters and levels using Text QR Codes. Printing a QR Code for Text on the video game disc cover is an attractive way to unlock special characters and hidden levels.

Home Appliances

Consumer electronics brands can use QR Code for Text on product packaging to share essential details such as date and location of manufacturing, product ID, digital warranty registration, and instructions for installation. Text QR Codes can merge digital processes of manufacturing spread across the world by streamlining and tracking various product batches.

Beauty and Fashion Industry

Apparel, cosmetics, skincare, and hair-care brands can place Text to QR Codes on products for regular consumers to join customer loyalty programs for increased sales and higher profit margins.

What to keep in mind before using Text QR Code Generator

  • Scannable Size - A minimum size of 2*2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 inch) for QR Codes is appropriate to ensure scannability, especially when a large batch has to be printed for product packaging.
  • Accuracy of the content - Check and finalize the text and test the QR Code for Text with various devices before generating and printing it. Such QR Codes are Static, so they cannot be edited once printed.
  • Character Limit - Just like Twitter does not allow more than 280 characters in a tweet, a Text To QR Code does not allow more than 300 characters, including words, numbers, emojis, and special symbols.
  • Add Customized Logo - If you are a brand or a company, including your logo on Text QR Code can increase brand awareness. Whenever a QR Code with a brand logo appears, potential or existing customers are more likely to scan it, given the security and legitimacy associated with the brand.
  • Print Format - Our Text to QR Code makes sure that your QR Code is in high resolution for maximum scannability. We offer format options like PNG, PDF, and SVG. Integrating the Text QR Code into a print material design is convenient using a photo editing tool.
  • Colour Your Code - Your QR Code for Text does not need to be black and white. Experiment with colors you like or choose the ones that agree with your brand. However, darker colors for the foreground and lighter colors for the background are an ideal combination.

How to create a Text QR Code?

Creating a text to QR code is easy and takes a few seconds. Follow these steps to create a QR code for text.

Step 1: Enter Your Text

Enter your text in the 'Text' field.

Step 2: Design Your QR Code

Click on 'Design Color and Decorate QR Code' to customize your QR Code design (ex: adding color, shape, sticker).
Note: Click on the 'x' icon of the 'Customize QR Code' popup to save changes.

Step 3: Save and Download

Save the QR Code by clicking on the 'Save QR Code' button, entering the QR name, and then clicking on 'Save.'
Note: Make sure to scan your QR Code from different devices (iOS and Android) before printing for production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert special characters into a text QR code?

Yes, you can convert any text into a text QR code. This includes simple words, numbers, and special characters. You can even include emojis in your text and convert them into a text QR code.

Can my users scan a text QR code without the internet?

Yes, a QR Code for Text doesn't require an internet connection. Users can scan the code from their preferred QR code scanning app and view the attached text. A text QR code is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. 

Is a text QR code static or dynamic?

A text QR code is always a static code. Hence, you can't change the linked text once you create the code. If you want to change the text, you'll need to create a new text QR code. 

Is there any character limit for the text?

Yes, QRCodeChimp’s text QR code generator has a character limit of 300 characters (including spaces). In contrast, a Twitter post has a limit of 280 characters. Hence, you can share a text as long as a tweet using a text QR code. 

Is it possible that my QR code opens web instead of text message?

No. Scanning the Text QR code will display the encoded text. However, you may use our 'URL QR Code' solution if you want to redirect users to the web.