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QR Code For WhatsApp

Quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages using QR codes.

See how to make Shapes QR Code!

Now Save Contacts and Chat with a Simple Scan

If you have used QR codes earlier, you already know how it can save you the trouble of manually typing and saving contacts to start a conversation for business or social purposes. But if you haven't tried a QR Code yet, your journey of scanning 2D codes to make life easy must begin with Whatsapp QR Codes.

Not only do Whatsapp QR codes avoid mistyping numbers and names, but you can also add people to groups by Whatsapp QR codes. Imagine having to type long, international numbers in a jiffy and misspelling not-so-familiar names only to be embarrassed later. Scanning a QR code saves the effort and looks more professional on media such as posters, social media handles, and visiting cards.

Whatsapp QR Code for Professional and Personal Conversations

Whatsapp QR codes can be used for personal chats and the free business version of the app with added features. The advantages of using Whatsapp QR codes are:

Instant communication

Whatsapp QR codes can be embedded on print material in media, branding material at the store, product packaging, or invoice. A message can also be pre-defined with the code for smarter communication and a swift call to action.

Advanced analytics

How great would it be to know how many scans happened at an event, what time of the day had a maximum engagement, where the people are scanning your code more, and using which operating system? This information helps you customize your marketing campaigns and track your actual ROI.

Robust Support

Whatsapp QR code of a business account strengthens the customer support service as it works as a chatbot, enabling 24/7 communication, unlike any other platform. Your potential customer can access your code from any device, desktop, or mobile phone to reach you most efficiently and quickly.

Customized Aesthetics

Branding should be in sync, and your Whatsapp QR code should not be bland. Dazzle your contact code with your chosen colors, frames, logo, and shapes.

Use Cases For Whatsapp QR Codes

Anyone can use Whatsapp QR codes for work or personal communication. However, looking at how Whatsapp merges between both, business accounts indeed have features with significant advantages.

Repairs and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance service providers can use Whatsapp QR codes to assign the service provider to each request. Using business accounts helps in better communication with the fieldworker and the client.


Emergency ride services like Uber and Ola can use Whatsapp QR codes outside public spaces. Citizens who cannot use their app can book a ride through the catalog integrated with Whatsapp QR code to book an emergency ride.

Independent Consultants

Freelance consultants can use Whatsapp QR codes on their visiting cards or a brochure made for a business networking event.

Real Estate

Real estate broking firms can easily catalog various property listings through Whatsapp QR code to layout the best options for a prospective client.


Restaurants and food outlets can use WhatsApp QR codes to take direct orders from customers and later share regular updates with them. 

Customer Care Service

eCommerce websites or product or service-related businesses can efficiently manage communication, orders, complaints, and ticket generation with Whatsapp QR codes.


The world has learned a new meaning of 'emergency' due to the Coronavirus. The sensitivity of making a decision and acting upon it in minimum time can save lives. Children and senior citizens who may not be using most websites or mobile apps can certainly use Whatsapp QR codes for medical emergency services like 108 in India or 911 in the US at the first sign of a symptom.