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PDF Gallery QR Code: QR Code for PDF Gallery

Share multiple PDFs in one place with a single QR code and share information seamlessly with your consumers

See how the PDF Gallery QR code works!

What is a PDF Gallery QR Code?

A QR code for PDF gallery allows you to share multiple PDF files with a single scan. Users can scan the QR code to reach a display page containing all the PDF files. With a PDF Gallery QR code, you can share several PDFs at once across channels with a large audience.

Why create and manage PDF Gallery QR Codes with QRCodeChimp?

QRCodeChimp is a fantastic solution for creating PDF Gallery QR codes. Here’s why you should make a QR code for PDF Gallery with QRCodeChimp:

Easy to Use
QRCodeChimp is effortless to use and has a negligible learning curve. You can create a PDF Gallery QR code in a few minutes without technical knowledge or experience.
Extensive Customization
You can decorate your PDF gallery page using templates, colors, and font styles. Additionally, you can create a custom QR code using shapes, colors, logos, and more.
Logo and White Labeling
Add a logo to your QR code for PDF Gallery to align it with your brand. You can also use white labeling to replace the default URL with your brand’s URL, resulting in consistent branding.
Folders and Subaccounts
QRCodeChimp lets you effectively organize and share your PDF Gallery QR codes by saving them into folders. You can also add other users as sub-accounts and give them access for seamless collaboration.
File Manager
The File Manager feature lets you upload files on your QRCodeChimp account for easy access and management. You can upload the PDF files and use them later for creating QR codes.
QR Code Analytics
QRCodeChimp offers an extensive analytics dashboard. You can check the total scans on your QR code, along with the location of the scans and the devices and browsers used.

How to get more scans on your QR code for PDF Gallery?

Your QR code is as good as the scans it gets. Here’s how to get more scans on your PDF Gallery QR code.

Use the right size of QR code

Make your QR code seamlessly scannable by choosing the right printing size. Your QR code should be at least 1x1 inch in size, though you can increase its size based on how and where you use it.

Decorate your QR code

Colorful and visually-appealing QR codes grab the users’ attention and get more scans. Use QR shapes, colors, and other customization options to decorate your QR codes and increase scans.

Use stickers with CTAs

Add a sticker with a call-to-action (CTA) to your QR code to make your QR codes actionable and get more scans. A QR code with a CTA is likely to get more scans, as users would know what action they need to take.

Add a logo to your QR code

Add a logo to your QR code to make it brandable and recognizable. When users see the QR code with your logo, they’d instantly know that the QR code belongs to your brand.

How does a QR code for PDF Gallery work?

With a QR Code for PDF Gallery, you can share multiple PDF files with a single QR code. Here’s how a PDF Gallery QR code works:

You create a PDF Gallery QR code and share it with your audience across various channels.
Users scan the QR code on their Android or iOS devices and visit the PDF Gallery display page.
They get access to all the PDFs. They can view one or more PDF files by clicking on them.
This way, you can easily share multiple PDF files in one place and provide a better user experience.

What are the benefits of a PDF Gallery QR code?

PDFs are one of the best ways to share helpful information with your consumers. A PDF gallery QR code makes it even easier. Here’s why you should use a PDF gallery QR code.

  • Share multiple PDF files in one place with a single QR code.

  • Share a PDF as a URL or upload it from your local storage.

  • Add, remove, and change PDF files without reprinting the QR code.

  • View analytics and check how many users viewed the PDF.

Who should use a QR Code for PDF Gallery?

A QR code for PDF Gallery is useful for all businesses, especially:

Educational Institutions
Schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, and other educational institutions can use PDF Gallery QR codes to share information.
Retail Brands
Retail brands can put PDF Gallery QR codes on their product packaging to share in-depth information about their products.
Consumer Electronics Brands
Brands selling consumer electronics and other appliances can use PDF Gallery QR codes to share user manuals.
Hospitals and Clinics
Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can leverage PDF Gallery QR codes to share useful information with patients.