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QR Code For vCard 

Get connected instantly by sharing your contact details on a single scan.

More about vCard QR code

Get connected quickly

Frequently, there is a need to share contact
with customers or with a peer network
in a convenient way. vC
ard QR provides you
with quick sharing that directly adds your
contact details in the scanners' contact list.
No need to type for saving contact anymore!

Share contact details

Input all your contact details in a single place to generate vCard QR code. Use this as a digital card to share your contact details with clients, at events or with potential buyers.

Design QR code

Want an attractive QR code? Customise your QR to get noticed by the viewers and tend your customers to scan your QR code.

Ready to print QR images

Once QR code is generated, you can hit download. We offer high-quality images to download, can be used directly to print for advertisement. They work well with posters having a large QR code size.

Create a vCard QR code in less than a minute!

Step 1: Choose your QR code type

You will get to see different types of QR codes. Amongst them, select the vCard QR code.  

Step 2: Enter the Data

Type the contact details such as name, number, etc. in the given fields which will be displayed to viewers on scanning a QR code. 

Step 3: Design QR code

Customise QR code with your favorite colors or according to a theme. Make it look attractive with the frames with a call to action texts. You can make use of your brand logo or other logos to make QR even more attractive. 

Step 4: Save, Download & Manage

Save the QR code by giving a unique name. Your QR will get saved in a dashboard where you can pause, delete or make QR active as per your need. Download it and start sharing!  

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