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QR Code For Landing Page

Make your custom landing page and share via QR code with everyone!

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Introduction to custom landing page QR code

Making a custom landing page QR code enables your audience to view your landing page on their smartphones. You can use your existing website URL or create a landing page of your choice. What's even better is that you save the cost of purchasing a domain and hosting services. With over 3 billion smartphone users, most online searches are happening on mobile phones. But many web pages are not optimized for mobile devices, making users quit the page before it finally lands on the screen.

Who Can Use QR Code For Landing Page?

Landing page QR code is for anyone who can use a web page but is not a professional web developer and designer to develop it oneself or spend money hiring someone else to do it.

If you already have a landing page

If you have a personal or professional landing page, you can insert your URL in the input box to generate a QR code for the same.

If you do not have a landing page yet

No matter how small, every business can benefit from a landing page. So if you are an individual professional or a business owner who wants to create a landing page without spending any money, skills our landing page QR code is all you need.

What is a custom QR code landing page?

A custom QR code landing page is an alternative to purchasing a domain, hosting services, and hiring a developer and designer to create a landing page. With QRCodeChimp, businesses can generate custom landing pages for their businesses and associate them with QR codes. A landing page QR code accelerates the loading time and is optimized for scanning by most mobile devices. Any nature of business or industry can use a QR code landing page.

Benefits of a customized QR code landing page

Editable content

The QR code landing page generated through an editor is encoded through dynamic QR code, allowing you to easily edit the landing page content. You don't have to make another QR code and re-print the code after modifying the landing page content as the changes are saved automatically.

Mobile-friendly page

The landing page generated through a QR code is optimized for mobile devices, making them convenient for businesses and marketers. QR codes for landing pages avoid the failures of a URL that's not mobile-friendly.

Data Analytics

QR code landing pages are trackable and provide analytics such as time, date, location, and OS of each scan. This analytics lets the business know when, on which date, from which location, and through which devices are maximum scans taking place.

Affordable and durable

Making landing pages through QR codes is the most cost-efficient method of generating a landing page and linking it with a QR code. There is no need to hire a professional developer and designer, and you can edit the data yourself with utmost ease without generating another code or re-printing the code.

Who can use a Custom QR Code Landing Page

Product-based business

If you are a start-up or run a business from your home, you can upload photos, videos, and descriptions of your products through the editor of our QR codes for the landing page.

Event Planners

The event industry has become more digital than ever. Event organizers prefer having information online for seamless dissemination. Details of the event like the list of speakers, sequence of programs, speakers' profiles, sponsor details, and marketing campaigns can be quickly run on the QR code landing page.


Custom QR Code landing pages can be helpful to make menus in the form of PDF, image, or plain text.

Real Estate Businesses

Realtors can have a custom QR code landing page of their enlisted properties for description and virtual tours.

Solo Proprietors, Start-ups and Small Businesses

If you are a business low on budget yet keen on having a digital presence, a custom QR code landing page is the best solution for you. You can have information, marketing campaigns, catalogs, billboards, and any other marketing material on the QR code landing page.


The individual artists can also design their custom landing page with their artworks images or videos and showcase via QR codes. It's very cost-effective for them and at the same time quickly shareable with anyone at an instance.