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The image displays QRCodeChimp logo on the left corner, an invitation email draft for the networking event with a QR code to RSVP.
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How To Create RSVP Cards With QR Codes?

Planning a successful event requires careful planning, and knowing the exact number of guests is important. However, following up on RSVPs manually or sending email or message reminders can result in low and slow responses. Using QR codes can greatly improve the efficiency of managing

A person holding a phone displaying a Google Form for a real estate event, with a QR code sign-in on a billboard in the background, promoting "The house of your dreams" using QRCodeChimp - QR code for open house.
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How to Use QR Code for Open House Sign-ins?

Open house events provide various functionalities in various industries. You may be conducting an open house to showcase a space, introduce a new product, answer questions, and make connections. But the last thing you need is a mountain of paper sign-in sheets adding to the

Illustration for an article titled 'Do QR Codes Really Expire?' featuring two people, a man and a woman, pondering over a large QR code displayed on a screen. Both individuals appear thoughtful with question marks above their heads, symbolizing their curiosity about the longevity of QR codes.
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Do QR Codes Expire?

QR codes have transformed how we link up with the digital world, seamlessly merging our physical and online experiences with just a quick scan. They’re practically everywhere, from restaurant menus to concert tickets. But this brings up a question: Do QR codes expire? Well, it’s a

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How Much Does a Dynamic QR Code Cost? 

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their audience. Dynamic QR codes are changing the game by making it easy to share information with unmatched flexibility and efficiency. QRCodeChimp leads the market by offering dynamic QR codes that help businesses quickly adapt

Blurry QR Codes_ Causes and Solutions
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Blurry QR Codes: Causes and Solutions

QR codes are widespread in today’s digital world, serving as tools for marketing, information sharing, and making payments. However, they can sometimes encounter functionality issues, such as blurriness, which hampers their usability.  This article explores the reasons behind blurry QR codes and offers practical solutions

Google Review QR Codes vs Traditional Review Methods
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Google Review QR Code vs. Traditional Review Methods

In the age of digital connectivity, the way businesses gather and showcase customer reviews is evolving. Traditional feedback-gathering approaches, such as handwritten comment cards or verbal inquiries, and modern, technology-driven alternatives like a Google Review QR code are available for collecting reviews. In this article, we’ll explore