QR codes for students in institues
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How to engage students using QR Codes in Institutes

You can make learning fun with QR Codes. QR Codes are the latest mobile technology that can be strategically placed in institutes and classrooms to improve student engagement and make learning modern, interactive, and student-oriented.  Today education and learning systems have changed from traditional, blackboard teaching to digital, technology-based training. Schools and colleges are trying to involve i-pads, tablets, smartphones, and other AI-based applications

QR Codes for Business-Take your business to the next level
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QR Codes for Business – Take your business to the next level

The QR code is that silent warrior that fights for your business tirelessly and helps you take it to a superior level. While the acceptance of QR codes is definitely on the rise, it has still not reached its full potential yet. Growing a customer base is the first step towards business development. The QR for business solutions is a striking concept that can unearth

QR codes for Retail
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How To Attract Customers By Using QR Codes For Retail Shop

Has your inquisitive mind ever thought about finding out more about some unique things on the menu or product’s packaging? Various strategic elements help to get the customer base. QR codes are a fantastic way to let users access digital information without typing long-length URL links. In other words, It is a shortcut to a particular destination in the digital world; and can be used

QR codes on table tents
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Engage Your Consumers with QR Codes on Table Tents

Have you ever given a thought to using mobile new-age digital content and marketing techniques for your Restaurant?  If yes, then using QRcodeChimp QR Codes on table tents is your perfect option to go for as it permits businesses to engage with the customers.  Exclusively-designed table tents are an excellent decorative item for ornamenting a table. Like there is the Code of “white and

QR Codes in hospital and healthcare
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How to communicate with patients using QR codes

QR Codes for hospital and healthcare industry marketing can prove extremely beneficial to both patients and healthcare providers in terms of communicating and providing treatment.  Smartphones have improved convenience and speed, especially after the advent of tech-enabled services, such as online doctor appointment apps, patient management platforms, EHR, AI-based gadgets, and so on.  Although QR Codes technology has been around for over 20 years

QR code icon
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Bridge the gap between print & online advertising using QR codes

QR Codes have a secret – a big secret that can change the dynamics of marketing. QR codes can bring together print and online advertising at one place within a matter of a few seconds or, perhaps, based on how fast you can open your smartphone camera. They help consumers access your massive virtual world through the physical products you offer them. Therefore, advertising

How to use QR code on billboards in most effective way
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How to use QR Codes on billboards in the most effective way

Billboard advertising is a part of print marketing that marketers have extensively used since the 18th century. Earlier, billboards were one of the easiest and quickest tools to attract the masses and share product information. However, these days, marketers face three major challenges with billboards: They contain static information, limited space for information sharing, and of course, penetration of several digital mediums that make our

Endless possibilities with QR codes
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Endless Possibilities with QR Codes

QR Codes are not meant for scanning URLs alone. In fact, one static QR code can be used in different ways for business marketing.  However, most marketers are still unaware of QR codes’ undeniable possibilities in business growth. Therefore, they are failing to use it effectively.  This blog will share some fun and creative ways to distribute QR codes to attract customers and improve

QR codes on food packaging
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How to enhance food packaging using QR code

You have no idea how many ways a QR code on food packaging can benefit your brand – it increases brand loyalty, boosts reputation and ROI, enhances marketing opportunities, and, most importantly, prevents counterfeiting. Many food brands have started using QR codes on food packaging extensively and are seeing tremendous results. Many have begun embedding them, but a considerable percentage are still not leveraging

QR code on product packaging
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How to use QR code on product packaging for effective marketing

Most often, product packaging is ignored by consumers because, honestly, apart from the price and expiry date, they do not provide much value. But, by placing a QR code on product packaging, you can make the packaging an integral part of your product, i.e., an upbeat marketing strategy to boost sales and engage customers. There are three types of product packaging – primary, secondary,

QR code on real-estate banner
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How to increase consumer interaction using QR codes on banners

Banners are interesting and eye-catchy marketing tools that can provide more than just static information with the help of a simple, affordable, creatively generated QR Code. Banners are meant for public places, such as roadside locations, shopping malls, parks, etc., and are designed to accommodate different marketing needs. But, when you add QR Codes on banners, you double the interest and engagement percentage of the audience.

QR code on tickets
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How to increase user participation using QR Codes on tickets

If we told you that you could store your upcoming fashion show’s minute details within the thin lines of barcodes a decade ago, you probably would have laughed at us. But now, this is possible with a simple, static QR Code on your ticket. There are plenty of reasons why you should use QR codes on tickets to support your event. To know the

QR code on flyer
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How to design an engaging flyer using a QR code generator online?

Digital marketing has emerged as the preferred marketing strategy for many brands, but print advertising still has its place. Over 70% of households read newspapers, 95% of people under 25 years of age read magazines, and 82% of consumers rely on print ads for making purchase decisions. These numbers prove the relevance and importance of print advertising. Flyers are one of the most popular

QR codes on bottles and cans
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An ideal way to provide information – QR Codes on bottles and cans

If you use bottles and cans to package your products, such as alcoholic beverages, soda, oils, or any other item, you should consider adding colorful customized QR codes on your bottles and cans. By offering authentic and engaging information, QR Codes on bottles and cans can be an ideal way to increase the value of your brand, product, and services, both at the time

How you can use QR Codes in your books to engage more readers
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How you can use QR Codes in your books to engage more readers

Whether it’s a fiction, a children’s storybook, a recipe book, or an academic book, a simple QR code on them can open a new world of information for their readers. QR codes on books seamlessly take the readers from the physical medium to the digital world. And the good news is putting QR codes on books is straightforward and very cost-effective. You just need

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How to stand out from the Crowd using QR Code on Business Card

Business cards are still considered one of the best types of outbound marketing tactics. They are handy, easily fit in your pockets, and contain updated, crucial information about you and your brand. Business cards exchanges are a norm in networking events and sales visits because they are the first contact access your potential customers have of your business. Ever realized, a simple static QR