How to lose weight fast: 9 simple and effective tips

How to Lose Weight Fast: 10 Simple and Effective Tips

With 39% of adults globally being overweight, obesity is a major concern and a significant public health challenge. If you’re overweight, you could be at a higher risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, bone problems, sleep issues, and some cancers.  Besides, there’s too much confusion around weight loss and the right way to do it. Your diet, lifestyle, exercise, metabolism, and genetics all play

10 Tips That Will Always Work for a Successful Diet

10 Tips for Creating the Best Diet to Lose Weight

Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.  – Hippocrates You must’ve heard that you are what you eat, and it can’t be more true. Healthy eating has many benefits, such as improved heart health, reduced cancer risk, better gut health, lower diabetes risk, weight management, and more. In fact, research published in PLOS Medicine showed that healthy eating could increase

How to Share QR Code Folders with Multiple Clients?
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Tutorial: How to Share QR Code Folders with Multiple Clients?

If you’re a marketing agency handling QR code campaigns for various clients, coordinating with each client can be challenging.  QRCodeChimp allows you to classify QR codes into folders and share them with your clients. You can provide viewer or editor access to shared users. With folder sharing, you can keep your clients on the same page and better collaborate with them. Follow these steps

How to Create Merchandise QR Codes?

Tutorial: How to Create Merchandise QR Codes?

Merchandise QR codes are empty QR codes that allow merchants to add post-sale personalization to their products. You can create a batch of merchandise QR codes and place them on your products. Customers who buy the products can claim the QR codes and personalize them. Follow this tutorial to create, customize, and print merchandise QR codes. Part 1: Creating Merchandise QR Codes Follow these

How to Scan a QR Code from an iPhone?

How to Scan a QR Code from an iPhone QR Code Scanner?

iOS users can scan QR codes without installing any iPhone QR code scanner applications. iPhones and iPads come with a built-in QR code scanner, and you can also use the default camera app to scan QR codes.  Here’s all you need to know about scanning QR codes on iPhones and other iOS devices. Scan a QR code using the built-in iPhone QR code scanner

A QR Code is printed on newspaper for live news.
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How to Use QR Codes in Newspapers and Magazines

Print media readership is growing despite the increasing adoption of smartphones, YouTube, e-news, and e-magazines. The revenue of the US publishing industry was $23.25 billion in 2020, while the revenue of the US magazine publishing industry was $30.67 billion in 2018.  Therefore, print advertising is still lucrative, and many prominent brands use it to reach a large audience.  QR codes can make your print

QR code on TV: The Future of TV Advertising
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QR Code on TV: The Future of TV Advertising

TV is dead. If you’ve heard this, you’re not alone. With the internet and video streaming platforms gaining popularity, assuming that nobody watches TV anymore is only normal.  However, that’s not the case.  Despite the rise of Netflix and other streaming platforms, TV viewership has grown steadily from 5.16 billion global viewers in 2017 to 5.41 billion viewers (68% of the world population) in

QR Code with Logo
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How to Make a Custom QR Code with Logo: A Complete Guide

QR codes have emerged as one of the most effective tools for O2O marketing and omnichannel user engagement. From Starbucks to Walmart, global brands have implemented a custom QR code with logo in their business and marketing strategies.  A QR code (quick response code) is a matrix barcode that contains digital information. You can use QR codes to share a wide range of information

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Why Phygital Is the Future and How QR Codes Can Help?

The gap between digital and physical channels is diminishing. Omnichannel has become the norm, as people expect a unified experience across channels and touchpoints. Brands need to strategically integrate digital and physical media to provide a phygital experience to their consumers. Omnichannel is the new normal in today’s marketing landscape. Though several phygital strategies exist, QR codes are the most effective option for brands

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Pet ID Tag QR Code: Guide for Pet Shop Owners to Sell QR Code Tags

The demand for QR-enabled pet tags is on the rise, as they offer substantial benefits over traditional pet tags. However, pet owners could find it challenging to create, customize, and print a QR code pet tag by themselves. Pet shop owners can leverage this opportunity by creating QR code tags in bulk and selling them to pet owners. QR code tags are the latest

How to Scan QR Codes on Products?

How to Scan QR Codes on Products?

You must’ve seen a lot of products with QR codes on their packaging. Most brands use QR codes to share useful information about their products. You can obtain valuable information and know the product better by scanning the QR code. You can also use the QR codes to better connect with the brand. But if you’ve never scanned a QR code before, you must

Get The Benefits of Bulk QR Codes For Scalable Small to Medium Businesses And Enterprise Level Solutions
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Bulk QR Codes For Business

Bulk QR Codes save the expensive trouble of generating several QR codes one at a time. They are of significant use to the manufacturing and warehousing industry for product packaging and inventory management.  Use Cases Of Bulk QR Codes Here are some of the common use cases where generating QR codes in bulk can make life a lot easier for businesses. Bulk Visiting Card

QRCodeChimp QR codes for Christmas
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Ho Ho! QR Santa Has Gifts For You!

Get more out of your festive season marketing campaigns by using QR codes for Christmas in fun and fabulous ways. Festivities are around the corner, and it’s time to go all red and white. Many people in the USA and worldwide celebrate Christmas, resulting in decor, gifts, parties, events, and all things merry.  Why should you use QR Codes For Christmas? Approximately 67% of

smart rules for dynamic QR codes
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Introducing Smart Rules to deliver different content using the same QR Code

We know what dynamic QR codes are and how advantageous they are over static QR codes in allowing you to edit the destination URLs, track the scans, and reduce costs. In addition, QRcodechimp now introduces smart rules for dynamic QR codes to make them an even more powerful tool for businesses. With these smart rules, businesses can now automatically take the users to multiple destinations

QR Code Generator For a Smart Product Packaging Experience
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Elevate Your Product Packaging with QR Codes

Brands are continuously looking for ways to get an advantage in this hyper-competitive business landscape. Product packaging has emerged as a lucrative touchpoint to grab consumer attention and boost engagement and loyalty.  This has led to the rise of intelligent product packaging. Brands across industries, especially CPG, pharma, and food, have implemented innovative product packaging to enhance user experience. The global smart packaging industry

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How to edit bulk QR codes?

Bulk upload QR is one of the essential features of QRCodeChimp offered to PRO and Ultima users. It enables you to create thousands of QR codes simultaneously instead of making them one by one. This helps you save time and scale up your QR code initiatives.  If you’ve recently purchased the PRO or Ultima pack, you may be wondering how to edit bulk QR

5 Ways QR Code Solution Provider Will Help You Get More Business
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5 Ways QR Code Solution Provider Will Help You Get More Business

QR Code solutions have become widely popular recently, and marketers are using these two-dimensional codes to connect their audience to websites and social media accounts, in fact, it is the best way to connect offline and online marketing mediums with utmost ease.  A QR Code solution provider must provide you the following important feautures to help you create and manage your QR Campaigns: 1.

White labelling - feature image
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A Complete Guide to QR Code White Labeling

QR codes are powerful branding tools, and QR code white labeling can take your branding to the next level. You can remove all third-party domains and replace them with your branded URLs.  QRCodeChimp offers white labeling to users with the Ultima plan and above. By enabling white labeling, you can use your company’s domain (like instead of the default scan URL  and landing

How To Fix Your QR Code Scanning Problems: Common mistakes and solutions
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How To Fix Your QR Code Scanning Problems: Common Mistakes and Solutions

Points to check and things to fix if your QR code is not working If your QR code isn’t scanning, it can affect your marketing campaigns and user experience. Thankfully, it’s easier to fix than you think (in most cases). If your QR code isn’t scanning, this is the only guide you’ll ever need. We’ll delve deep into the possible reasons why QR code

What is a Social Media QR Code and Why You Should Have One?
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What is a Social Media QR Code and Why You Should Have One?

Nothing screams’ engagement’ and ‘visibility’ more than social media marketing. Furthermore, Social Media QR code is the smartest way to bring the audience to the real action. Other platforms are essential too, but social media is where frequent activity happens. One attractive post at hardly any advertising cost can direct a first-time visitor to your website and result in a conversion. Online QR code

Role of QR codes in economic development
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Role of QR Codes in Economic Development

Digital payment platforms enable consumers to purchase essential commodities even in the most critical times. In the wake of Covid19, people almost stopped swiping cards and exchanging currency to maintain social distancing. That’s when a robust sharing tool came to our rescue as QR codes. QR Codes to the rescue However, these 2D codes were designed long ago in Japan for the manufacturing industry